Corporate Press Release
Date: 23 November 2020
Time: For immediate release


Tunis, 23 November 2020 — KJ Holdings SARL (herein after “The Company”) is pleased to
update its Bitrace (BRF) holders about the positive development of the Group:

1. The entire assets of BITRACE Investments Ltd including the BRF Token were fully transferred on
the 15th of January 2020 from the British entity to the Tunisian mother company: KJ Holdings SARL,

please view the new Bitrace web site presentation:

2. The Company has increased its shareholding capital from 1 000 DT (€ 307) to 700 000 DT (€215.260,00) and is planning in the near future to perform another increase of shareholding capital to reach € 20 Million. Furthermore, the Company is in process of changing its legal form from a limited liability company (SARL) to a public company (SA):

3. The Company is also in process of applying for a license to operate a regulated fund in Tunisia and finance all its development projects in Tunisia and other countries of the Maghreb and African continent. This achievement of this process will necessitate the changing of the legal form as cited in point (2).

4. The Company has already secured financing for all its projects and the secured funding will flow into the new KJ regulated fund for investment purposes including but not limited the funding of the project: TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY.

5. The new, to be implemented fund will be operating under the management of experienced
German Bankers and well-qualified Management team.

6. The Company will soon allocate a marketing and promotional budget for Bitrace Token (BRF) and will also work on upgrading the trading venues of the token in top Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Such marketing programs will definitely be press released by the Company to the BRF community.

KJ HOLDINGS CORP is a Canadian Holding company based in Calgary (Alberta) Canada, it is concentrating on investment in Tunisia and the Maghreb region.

The Company is in process of developing its mega project: TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY, thisproject consists in building an integrated sports’ compound, including a Formula 1 track surrounded by top-class Hotels and recreational units (Total assigned land is 300 Hectares in Hammamet / Tunisia).

The Company’s mission statement is to invest into unique high profitable projects in Tunisia and the Maghreb region, while participating into the promising high economic growth of the region for the next decade to come.

The Company’s vision statement is to become the leader of project financing in Tunisia and in the Maghreb region and be in the level to showcase investment opportunities in the region to the European and world-wide investors.

About BRF Token
BITRACE Token (BRF) is the property of KJ Holdings, it has been transferred from the British Bitrace Investments Ltd. to the Tunisian KJ Holdings SARL, the token is listed on the Cryptocurrency Exchange STEX ( and has been trading for almost two (2) years.

KJ Holdings is the promoter and the developer of TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY SA, the company is in process of incorporating a regulated Fund in Tunisia to manage the investments to be made in TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY and other related projects.
BITRACE Token (BRF) is the sole and exclusive Cryptocurrency to be used within the developments of KJ Holdings i.e. TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY and other Touristic projects.

Avenue des Nations Unis Hammamet 8050 — Tunisia
Email: or

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British company, which is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project (sports compound including a Formula 1 Track)